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Trainweigh AX 300 in motion train weighing
AV Dawson UK

AX 300 for Shipping Docks in the UK

The AX300 in motion mobile train weighing scale has been installed at the Shipping docks in order to help prevent overloaded trains from entering the main line infrastructure.

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six axle train weighing system
Durmazlar Rail Systems Technology

Ax-1200 Six Axle train weigher in Turkey

The Engineers at Durmazlar’s Maintenance Depot, Turkey required a train weighing system that must be able to measure individual wheel weights of loco’s and units with various axle centres, be fully portable, extremely accurate and lend itself to weigh anything from two to six axles at a time depending on the loco or unit configuration.

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Mass Rapid Transit Authority

Ax-800 & AX-300 now operational in Bangkok

The AX-800 was put to use by the Purple line Engineers to show potential weight imbalance across the bogies and to ascertain gross weights of the fleet. The AX-300 is used as a dynamic portable unit for spot checks on the fleet.

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train weighing system in Indonesia

AX-300 intstalled in Indonesia

The Indonesian Government required a train weigher that was portable, accurate and had to be able to be both static & and dynamic operations. The AX-300 performs both tasks in their depot and in the field.

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train weighing system in Turkey

AX-400 now serving Istanbul

The AX-400 performs the task of accurately attaining the weight of the fleet. The need to be certain of a correct gross weight in new & refurbished units is paramount. The AX-300 is used as a portable static unit for use in satellite depots.

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Train weighing in North Africa

Ax-300 in service in Cairo

There is a need on-site to weigh units statically & dynamically. The AX-300 equipped with DPS software enables the engineer to find potential weight imbalances across the unit.

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train weighing in Istanbul

AX-300 for Turkey

Used for both Static and Dynamic weighing for the engineers to check distribution of weights on the wheels and axles. If the loading's are slightly out, they are adjusted, by the engineers. If the loading's are significantly different, the coaches are sent into the workshops for further analysis.

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history of mobile train weighing

A Brief History of Mobile Train Weighing

Portable or Mobile train weighing, was a Swedish invention, Patented in 1973. This took the form of a 4 load cell platform that weighed the wagons on the wheel flange and not the wheel tyre. As the wagon went along the rails, a built in ramp simply lifted the flange and wheel and guided the flange onto..

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