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Easy Setup

The AX scales can be setup in minutes and install onto virtually and type of track throughout the world.

Precise Measurment

Get precise measurement of multiple parameters of all types of wagons or carriages within seconds.

Fully Portable

The AX units can be brought to the train in any light vehicle, carried into place and set up and run by two men.

OIML Trade Approval

Optional trade approval can be added for static weighing giving greater accuracy.



Fully Mobile and takes minutes to install onto virtually any track throughout the World. It can be carried into place, and set up by one man, no need for special fixings or lifting equipment.

Available for sale and hire worldwide.

The unit can be conveniently taken to the train in a vehicle rather than having the expense of the train having to travel for hours to find a static Weigh station. TrainWeigh is instantly ready to use with high accuracy calibration, which is permanently stored in the units memory, whist self testing ensures the highest accuracy weighing of all Locomotives and Wagons regardless of sizes, number of wheels or axles. All combinations are accommodated. Axle overloads and NETT weights are automatically weighed and stored along with Gross weight, tare weights along with other information.

Train Weigh Is constantly striving to enhance Rail and Passenger safety. Our technicians are constantly testing and implementing new products and services. From measuring the centre of gravity of Trains, un level equilibrium system detection. To high speed weighing, prior to bridge crossing and ensuring trains meet and exceed the World's highest regulatory standards possible. The spin off from these achievements, also allow us to supply the highest accuracy for weighing of goods. We have systems that also benefit from OIML Trade requirements, for most countries in the World.


The TrainWeigh AX Series will:

  • Ensure all product weights are correct for delivery to your customer.
  • Improve Safety
  • Show Wheel Imbalance problems.
  • Assist prevention in derailment.
  • Prevent increased wear to rail vehicles and infrastructure.
  • Eliminate wheel flat spots and brake lock ups.
  • Increase fuel economy.
  • Ensure symmetrical loading and highlight any off centre loading.


AX systems are ideal for train manufacturing workshops, testing Locomotives, Bogies and Coaches when building from new, repairing or general maintenance. Single or multiple units can be used for highest accuracy.

AX mobile train weighbridge

Four AX's weighing in tandem.


AX train scales can be used dynamically, collecting individual wheel weights and summing the total train weight, this is ideal for goods and freight trains. Automatic weighing ensures correct wheel, axle, wagon and total train loadings and weight distribution.

portable train weigher

The AX-300 weighing in-motion.


Major Cost Savings

Major cost savings over traditional inline systems. The AX’s can also improve your fuel economy and optimize your loads.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is built in as standard.

Built to Last

Our units consist of robust high quality Tool Steel Load Cells and Body.

Battery or AC Power

We have a variety of options available to suit your needs, including solar powered systems.

Hermetically Sealed

The AX units are unaffected by any adverse weather conditions including flooding, ice, snow, extreme temperatures and Humidity.

Ready To Use

The AX’s are ready to use out of the box complete with full instructions. We also provide training.

No Foundations Required

No need for special equipment, all the tools you need are included in the AX kit.

Prevents Overload

Prevent overloading and under loading of wagons, the AX units will always give you peace of mind that you have an optimal, safe, balanced load.

Static Weighing AX Software

Multiple scales can be used to weigh a full static vehicle instead of individual axles. The screen shots below show the types of data available using our AX software with multiple units. Up to six AX's can be combined into a single system.

train weighing software

Detailed analysis of each wheel load.

train weighing software

Detailed visual representation of each bogie.

Dynamic/Static Bogie Weighing(DPS) Derailment Protection System

The DPS is an unmanned or manned system that can identify individual wheel loadings. The system will raise an alarm if any wheels or axles are out of a pre-set tolerance input by the user. Health and Safety is optimised with the DPS’ built in Centre of Gravity system. This makes identifying load errors, wheel and suspension faults quick and simple prior to trains leaving the depot.

The DPS System is especially useful for providing peace of mind that the train, carriages and cargo are safe. All data can be stored internally on the DPS for downloading to a PC or USB stick and/or printed for records of the readings to be signed off and stored for future reference. The recorded data can easily be integrated into ISO quality systems.

train scales software

Absolute Loading

Displays the actual weight distributed onto each wheel.

train weighing program


Displays the percentage of weight distribution onto each wheel.

train axle weight software


Displays the weight percentage loading of each axle.

train balancing software

Center of Gravity

Displays the centre of gravity of each chasis.


  • Robust High Quality Tool steel design of Load Cells and Body.
  • Fully Hermetically Sealed.
  • Number of weighing sensors: 2
  • Rail Types: All standard types
  • Track Guage: All standard types
  • Commision time: 10 minutes
  • Decommission time: 5 minutes
  • Data transmission: BUS, Ethernet, USB, WiFi
  • Data Export Format: .xlsx and others
  • PC interface for Microsoft ™ Windows ™
Weighing Capacity 15 Tonnes/Wheel - 30 Tonnes/Axle
Division Size 10kg (Static) - 20kg (Dynamic)
Accuracy 0.01%-1% (Static) - 2%-3% (Dynamic)
Max. Weighing Speed 3mph / 5kmh
Protection Class IP 67
Instrument Class 0.5%
Linearity error 0.02%
Unit Length 600mm
Unit Weight 39kg
Rated Temperature Range -10℃ - +65℃
Transducer Characteristic 0.1 mV / V Accuracy 0.2%
Measuring Amplifier 24 Bit
Sample Rate 10 kHz
Power Supply 12V, 40V, 90V, 110V, 240V

Warranty 12 Months. Service and Maintenance Contracts also available. (Gold and Silver cover with exchange units). Parts, Certified Calibrations Namas ISO 2001. Traceable to UCAS. Accuracy subject to track conditions. Technical data subject to change without notice.

The Weight Indicator meets or exceeds Class III/IIIL, 10,000 division accuracy requirements in accordance with NIST Handbook 44. A Certificate of Compliance Number 08-046 has been issued under the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) of the National Conference on Weights and Measures.
Legal for Trade Use.
EC Approved Trade Approved Display - DK0199.160

Max Scale Divisions:

NON-COMMERCIAL 240,000 Divisions.


Canada, Europe, Asianic, Africa.


10,000 (Class III/IIIL)
10,000 (Class III/IIIHD)
10,000 (Class III), 1,000 (Class III)