Low cost, Highly Accurate Train Bogie Weighing Systems.

BW Series Bogie Weighers

Locomotive Weighing by TrainWeigh

TrainWeigh's BW Series weighbridge systems provide a cost effective, highly accurate weighing device capable of reading individual wheel weights and showing potential imbalance across the bogie or whole unit

We provide bespoke train weighing systems designed and built to your requirements. From single axle to full draft six axle weighing, Trainweigh have a system to meet your needs.

The BW Range

The BW- series weighing scales can be selected with one bogie base (BW-400) or Two (BW-800). Each loadcell forms a dedicated weighing scale under each wheel of the unit to be weighed. The weights are then displayed via the powerful Weight Indicator. Individual wheel weights, axle weights, gross unit weights are shown as standard. Trainweigh’s DPS software allows for further analysis of the weighing data. Percentage wheel loadings, center of gravity and absolute weight distribution are included in this package.

Installs on to any rail in the world

Each weighing module is tailor made for every application with a customisable length and rail type. The Range can be fitted on site by our dedicated team of engineers and we also offer a factory pre-calibrated kit ready for customer installation. The BW Series can be fitted to any rail anywhere in the world. Train Maintenance Depots undertaking work on bogies, locomotives or coaches are particularly suited to the benefits of the BW Series train scales.

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BW Series Advantages:

  • All parts used in the scale are OIML approved.
  • High Accuracy measurments within 0.1%.
  • IP67 Protection.
  • Wireless or Wired version (smart wireless battery upto 2 years).
  • Instant reporting, isolate problem areas and fix them fast.
  • Measure individual wheels, axles or a full unit.
  • Balance locomotives and wagons in order to achieve optimum wheel to track traction with equal weight distribution, and energy savings.

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Dynamic/Static Bogie Weighing(DPS) Derailment Protection System

The DPS is an unmanned or manned system that can identify individual wheel loadings. The system will raise an alarm if any wheels or axles are out of a pre-set tolerance input by the user. Health and Safety is optimised with the DPS’ built in Centre of Gravity system. This makes identifying load errors, wheel and suspension faults quick and simple prior to trains leaving the depot.

The DPS System is especially useful for providing peace of mind that the train, carriages and cargo are safe. All data can be stored internally on the DPS for downloading to a PC or USB stick and/or printed for records of the readings to be signed off and stored for future reference. The recorded data can easily be integrated into ISO quality systems.

train scales software

Absolute Loading

Displays the actual weight distributed onto each wheel.

train weighing program


Displays the percentage of weight distribution onto each wheel.

train axle weight software


Displays the weight percentage loading of each axle.

train balancing software

Center of Gravity

Displays the centre of gravity of each chasis.

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