Weigh In-motion high speed, trade approved train weighing system.

Force WIM Train Weighing

Dynamic Rail Vehichle Weighing by TrainWeigh

TrainWeigh is at the forefront in dynamic weighing of rail vehicles and has many systems installed worldwide from the Finland Artic to the Saudi Arabia deserts.

Our Force WIM System is Approved for Trade use for In motion weighing with R106 Approval from Trading Standards. We can supply to any and all Industries worldwide, and tailor a perfect system, to fully meet your requirements, however demanding they maybe.

Wheel Flat Detection

Force WIM can be supplied with a wheel flats detection system, that will interrogate every wheel looking for flat spots, that can cause the wheel to fail and crack.

Cost Saving, Easy Install in-motion weighing systems

Force WIM is highly accurate, and you will benefit from a quick payback, as the system is low cost, compared to some systems that require major ground works and infrastructure changes. Our system simply bolts into the rails, no sleepers need replacing, no cutting of the track, no new rail sections. Plus, the installation can be carried out, whilst the trains are still running.

Training, spares and calibration

TrainWeigh, will fully install the Force system to the highest professional standards, Train your staff in the full optimum usage of the system. From simple housekeeping to running the system in complete confidence. We will also provide backup as and when ever required. Either on site, or remote.

Maintenance and Service

TrainWeigh understand the system needs to run efficiently. We can tailor a maintenance schedule to suit your exact needs. We will work in partnership, to ensure the system is always running at peak performance. To keep your business running efficiently.

Key Advantages of using Force in-motion weighing systems

Weighing is a must, for control of costs. From avoiding overloading fines and damages to accurate weighing of goods in and out. Of course, safety and security too are also paramount and our system will ensure you are always within the given parameters. The system will highlight any Dangers that could occur, and allow you to correct them, before an accident can happen. This knowledge can literally save lives, damages and losses.

Why Weigh using Force in-motion weighing systems?

It is a much quicker option than stopping every wagon on a weighbridge. That can take hours just to weigh one train depending on the number of wagons. The TrainWeigh system can weigh a train in just seconds, without stopping and maintain highly accurate measurments.

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Force WIM System Advantages:

  • To avoid overloading which can damage infrastructure and wagons, and un-even loading which can lead to derailments.
  • To Ensure any shortfalls of weight on incoming goods, are instantly detected and recorded, and also ensure you are not sending more product, than you have charged the customer for.
  • To determine the weight of wagons in order to collect revenue from shipping companies.
  • To ensure any shortfalls or leakage of goods are detected immediately upon arrival at the depot.
  • For adjustment and control in batching and volume control applications.
  • For balancing purposes of the loco and wagons manufacturer and repair workshops, in order to achieve optimum wheel to track traction with equal weight distribution.
  • To Comply with¬†SOLAS¬†for shipping of goods, that need to be weighed on a Trade Approved weighing system. Prior to reaching the Docks.

Force WIM train scales
weigh in-motion train weighing


WIM System Cabinet

Dimensions (H x W x D) 780 x 610 x 375 mm
Shipping Weight 100 kg
Environment Protection IP67
Operating Temperatures -30°C to 80°C
Power 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 6A
Power Consumption Normal: less than 80 W (250 W with heater), Max: 210 W (350 W with heater)
Accuracy 1-0.5% depending on configuration
Measurement Range Limited to rail type, max. load specification
Classification OIML R 106
Graphical User Interface Built-in web-based interface
Communication Interfaces USB, RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP 10/100Base-T Ethernet
Data Storage CompactFlash card / External MySQL Database (optional)
Voltage 220V AC - 24V DC
Data Transmission TCP/IP

Multi-Functional Sensor Bar (MFSB)

Dimensions (H x W x D) 47 x 90 x 22 mm
Shipping Weight 1.7 kg
Environment Protection IP68
Operating Temperatures -30°C to 80°C
MTBF 90,000 hours

OIML Certified load cells.

More than 100 Force Weigh In Motion Train Scales installed worldwide. Find out why our systems are becoming the smarter choice today.

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